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Antibacterial Paints In Chennai


Antibacterial Paint Suppliers In Chennai

Anti-Bacterial Paints are unique paints that can eliminate most of the commonly found Bacteria and Fungus that spread in the buildings. Hospital Acquired Infections can be reduced greatly. The unique property of Anti Bacteria paint is that it works against both bacteria and fungus. It is worthwhile noting that fungal infections are equally dangerous as bacterial infections, if not more.

While the developed countries claim Hospital Acquired Infections at less than 10%, India still has an alarming rate of more than 35%. Shocking, but true! Hospital administrators and doctors have been battling for a viable solution. Caliber Anti-Bacteria paint eliminates microscopic bacteria that resides and breeds on the walls, ceiling and on other surfaces. An excellent weapon to fight against Hospital Acquired Infections. It is effective in eliminating Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomona aeruginosa and others. This paint is also effective against fungus and serves the dual purpose of elimination of bacteria and fungus. These paints protect the surfaces from all kinds of bacteria and are widely used in Swimming Pools, Pharmaceutical Companies, Hospitals and Marine Structures. Our clients can buy these paints at industry leading prices from us.


>>Easy To Clean & Sterilize

>> Low Maintenance Cost

>> Attractive Appearance