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We would like to draw your kind attention that we have introduced a new product called "COOL TREE".COOL TREE is an innovative solar Re-Radiating powder. It is a fine white compound coating. It Re-Radiates 98.76% of sunrays and resist solar heat. It is a unique product which has both solar heat resistance and leak proof qualities. Being an eco friendly product.
It can be used for coating the upper surface of any type of roof such as RCC terrace, Asbestos, Terrace pressed with tiles, Metallic surfaces like GI sheet and Tin sheet and an outer surface of walls of residential, educational, hospital, commercial and industrial buildings, cattle and poultry shed.
COOL TREE is also useful to coat on the exterior of overhead water storage tanks and pipe lines to provide cool water.

Features of "COOL TREE".         ADVENTAGES

Minimised solar heating and eliminates leaking if building
Cool tree stops thermal expansion and contraction of roof
Reduces room temperature
Reduces the need of Air Conditioner and similar electric appliances
Leads to lower power consumption and saves money on electric charges
100% leak proof
Fills heat cracks formation on building
Excellent quality, Unique product
Eco-Friendly, no side effects for humans and pets
Easy to use
Can be applied using a brush or roller
Less Expensive
Provide a guarentee of 5 years.

Lab test has proved that coating of COOL TREE creates a cool and pleasant interior. The results are backed by the successful experience of COOL TREE application at various sites. As a result, the use of air conditioners and electric fans can be brought down and hence power consumption can be minimized. This results in considerable savings in electricity charges.

Added to the re-radiating effect is the leak-proof quality of COOL TREE. This coating fills the minute cracks on the roof and stops leakage of rain water. Since its heat absorption from solar radiation is almost negligible, it frees the surface from thermal fatigue (caused due to thermal expansion and contraction, due to solar heating and cooling), and resist formation of heat cracks on the applied surface. Thus COOL TREE offers the real and most practical solution for leak prevention needs of any type of buildings.


Surface Preparation
First the target surface (the surface to be treated with COOL TREE) shall be cleaned thoroughly and made free from any dust, grime, patches of oil, algae, grease etc. Poor surface preparation may yield unsatisfactory results. So take maximum care and efforts to prepare a clean surface.

Preparation of COOL TREE Solution
First add 50gm fastener with 1.5 litres of potable water and mix thoroughly.
Add 1kg of COOL TREE powder into the prepared solution and mix thoroughly so as to get a lump free solution similar to the consistency of emulsion paint. This solution is sufficient to cover approximately 30 sq.ft. area for three coatings
Sprinkle water over the prepared surface. If there is any stagnation of water, it should be removed. The surface shall be just damp or moist
Apply first coating evenly. After finishing, allow the surface to dry for minimum 24 hours.
Sprinkle water again and moist the surface and apply the second coating. Again, leave the surface to dry for another 60 minutes.
Sprinkle water again, moist the surface and apply the third coating. Leave the surface to dry for another 60 minutes.
Finally sprinkle water on the coating two or three times in intervals of four hours each.

Performance Comparison

White Color
Calcium Oxide(Quick Lime)
White Cement
Clay Tile
Termocol and other under Duct Ventilation
Other heat proofers like Polymers
Cool Tree